Our Approach

"At an ox-pulling contest in Alberta, Canada there were two well matched animals. In the end they pulled nearly the same weight- one a bit over 8,000 pounds and the other slightly under. The teamsters (also known as ox-drivers) decided to yoke the animals together to see what they might pull. The crowd placed bets, with most people believing the oxen would pull ~16,000 pounds. They were mistaken- the oxen pulled 26,000 pounds as the teamwork gave way to the sum being more than the parts."
— A story told at the 2017 Indiana Small Farm Conference

Kostas Stavrianakis: I am a first year PhD student in Leisure Behavior working at the Human Dimensions Lab. My main research interest is the role of the family as a unit in developing eco literacy, in-between the family members, by using environmental education and technology in recreation areas. I am currently looking at the use of community gardens in family sustainability and eco-literacy.

Collaborating Scientists

Tamara Benjamin, Forestry and Natural Resources- Purdue University

Jake Brenner, Environmental Studies and Sciences - Ithaca College

Charles Chancellor, Natural Areas Tourism -  Clemson University

Daniel Cheng, SPEA- Indiana University

Stephanie Dickinson, Epidemiology & Biostatistics - Indiana University

Michael Drescher, School of Planning - University of Waterloo

Burney Fischer, School of Public and Environmental Affairs - Indiana University

Dan Knudsen, Geography - Indiana University

Liz Maynard, Horticulture - Purdue University

Michael O'Donnell, Purdue Extension- Purdue University

Karo Omodior, Dept. of Recreation, Park, and Tourism Studies - Indiana University

Heather Reynolds, Biology - Indiana University

Jennifer Meta Robinson, Anthropology - Indiana University

Tatyana Ruseva, Political Science - Appalachian State University

Arianna Torres, Horticulture and Landscape Architecture- Purdue University