Potential PhD Students

Thank you for your interest in the Human Dimensions Lab. Generally speaking, individuals applying to graduate programs in the Dept. of Recreation, Park, and Tourism Studies (RPTS) have identified a faculty member with whom they would like to work. I encourage you to be familiar with the Human Dimensions Lab's work and consider how your interests connect and overlap with our past and current projects. As noted on the Lab's member page, students from both inside and outside RPTS work in the lab. I am an affiliated faculty member in several departments/schools, including the following: Geography, Anthropology, Human Biology, Environmental Health, and SPEA. Thus, he works with students from all across campus.

It is important for students applying to our program to have an interest in research. While many students go on to teaching focused institutions, into the profession or industry, while studying at IU and with the Human Dimensions Lab it is imperative you have a keen interest in research. All students working with me have an opportunity to learn about research from start to finish. You will engage in project development and management, data collection and analysis (both quantitative and qualitative), dissemination (peer reviewed journal articles and presentations), and grant writing.

Upcoming projects in the next 2-3 years include:

  • Conservation, sustainable use, and active amangement of private property - fields and forests (part of IU's Preparing for Change- Grand Challenge initiative)
  • Success and challenges with growing specialty crops in high tunnels (ISDA-USDA funded)
  • Farm land transfer and succession planning (USDA funded)
  • Climate change and park/recreation departments management of urban ecology and forests
  • Regional outcomes of community gardening programs
  • Reframing the promotion of Indiana u-cut Christmas trees